Uzma Vellani

image1.jpegBSc Life Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, Queen’s University

I am a second-year undergraduate student at Queen’s University studying Life Sciences and intending to specialize in neurosciences. Through Work-study, I will be acting as a research intern and an admin assistant under the supervision of Dr. Jeff Masuda in the CEHE lab throughout 2018-2019. My interest in environmental health equity sparked when I experienced the differences in health care services for similar health issues between Tanzania and Canada. As an aspiring health physician, I am interested in the impact geographical, environmental, and health inequities have on populations in different areas and why does the economic situation in LEDC’s make the people so vulnerable to health care inequities. Through this work-study, I hope to engage in community-based research and discovery-based learning in social and health sciences that would enable me to develop valuable research skills that would refine my future research goals in the area of public health.

In my free time, I can be found reading, swimming, cooking, sleeping or netflixing!