SUCCEED: Supporting Urban Communities’ Capacity to promote Environmental health Equity through Dialogue-centred research

Parkdale Grocery

SUCCEED (2008-2013) was a community-based participatory research project that began in 2008 to improve understanding of urban environmental health inequities in Canada cities. Following the health priorities set by community researchers,  we explore how patterns of urban environmental inequality are manifested and experienced by people living in socioeconomically marginalized communities in  Vancouver, Winnipeg and Toronto.

“Doing this project has left me with more questions than answers! When we started it seemed so straight forward – point and shoot and label – now I am seeing that the issues of identifying points of change or just the pro and cons of an area are quite complex. What you think is an ideal end situation can come at a price – and that price might actually be costly to the people you are trying to help and so on …..I just feel sometimes like there is a lot of focus on “housing” quality and food and for me the issues are more linked to the quality of the person being treated/living/surviving in the neighbourhood – it’s just that doing this project has got me looking at the area differently!!”- SUCCEED community researcher, Toronto

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This project is funded through the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Investigators: Jeff Masuda, University of Manitoba; Cheryl Teelucksingh, Ryerson University; Alexis Crabtree, University of British Columbia; Jim Frankish, University of British Columbia; Blake Poland, University of Toronto.

Succeed Project:

For more information contact: Jeff Masuda, jeff.masuda(at)cehe.