Spotlight on: Sarah Mallen

Name: Sarah Mallen

Program & Year: Health Studies Major & Environmental Studies Minor (Third Year)

Q: What do you do in Cehe?

I am currently a HLTH 352 research internship student under the supervision of Dr. Jeff Masuda. My current research interests broadly include the intersection of health and urban life, and how different groups within the diversity of cities experience health. Presently, I am interested in the experiences of physical disability within the resident population of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. I am also interested in rehabilitation therapy. In my spare time outside of my research, I try to brainstorm how to combine rehabilitation therapy and health promotion.

If you asked me in my second year if I ever saw myself exploring research, I probably would have laughed and shrugged it off; the idea of me conducting or exploring research felt very intimidating at first. However, over the summer of 2020 (with many plans changed or scrapped altogether) I found myself brainstorming what experiences I wanted out of my undergraduate degree, and the idea of research popped up again. After some encouragement from friends and family, and with a few pep talks from myself, I chose to enroll in HLTH 352!

Q: Have you picked up and new hobbies since working from home?

I have spent my extra time at home doing lots of journaling! I picked up journaling as a hobby back in 2019 as I travelled, and continued doing it when I came back to Canada. I also enjoy being active – at-home workouts unfortunately were not my strong suit. However, I challenged myself to get outside my comfort zone and I learned to box this past summer. Now, I can be found most days boxing at least once a day and kicking my day off with a run.

Q: What is your favourite place to study since working from home?

My study space is normally quite chaotic-looking. Typically, it’s covered in scraps of paper from various meetings. But, throughout this semester, I have been making an active effort to keep myself more organized. I make sure I can always see the pictures of my dog (whom I lovingly call Squish), Vancouver, and my friends whenever I’m working to keep myself motivated. The constant mug of coffee also helps with motivation.