Spotlight on: Meg Flemming

Q: What do you do in Cehe?

A: Program: MSc in Health Promotion, 2nd YearIn the CEHE lab, I research wildfire risk perceptions and messaging, particularly in local news sources in British Columbia. The goal of my current research is to examine how wildfires are framed in the media, and to assess how different wildfire framings affect community members’ perceptions of wildfire severity, concerns of the consequences of wildfires, and intended health-protective behaviours. More broadly, my research interests lie in natural disasters, climate change, and sustainability, as well as risk perception, decision-making and psychosocial well-being.

Q: Have you picked up and new hobbies since working from home?

A: Definitely at-home workouts! Back in March 2020, I discovered SHINE Strength & Confidence, a live-streamed group fitness program, founded by a Queen’s student. It really encourages me to get my body moving despite being at home.

Q: What is your favourite place to study since working from home?

A: My dining room table! Although I have a pretty good office set up in the other room, this is usually where I take my meetings when my fiancé is working as well. This is also the space that I use when doing my at-home workouts so it’s quite multi-purpose. I’m currently trying to keep a basil plant alive!