Robert Huff

Web and Media Consultant

robert-huffI have always held a passion for design which was reflective in my long hotel management career. In 2003, I graduated from Toronto’s Academy of Design and Technology.

While working on various projects, I contributed my design talents to benefit those in social housing. I found tremendous reward in helping people create a space they were proud to call home and at the same time was Community Champion for GLOBE (Green Light on a Better Environment); a Housing Services Corporation project that focuses on changing energy conservation behaviors and systems. By pairing these two projects together for almost two years, improvements were reported in both the quality of life for low-income residents, and a measurable reduction in overall energy consumption.

This opened the door to yet another passion – promoting positive social change and creating healthy environments.

So, in the spring of 2010, I became the Community Project Coordinator for The SUCCEED Project – a community based photo voice research project that compared neighborhood environmental health inequities in the city of Toronto in order to identify and promote health supporting policies for the city. I developed an immediate commitment to this work.

In 2011, I joined The Centre for Environmental Health Equity (CEHE) as Communications Coordinator and at the same time partnered with Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) in my role as Community Animator. These positions successfully complimented each other as I was able to utilize both my design and business skills and talents for a number of unique programs and creative projects.

As a design aficionado, I support, work, volunteer, and promote causes and projects that assist people and communities to live fair, happy, and healthier lives.

Contact: robert.huff(at)