Rob Stefanelli

Safe Drinking Water in First Nations Contexts Using Indigenous and Western Research Approaches, MA (candidate), Department of Geography, Queen’s University

Rob StefanelliRob is working with our colleagues at the HEC Lab as a Master’s student in the Department of Geography at Queen’s University, and will be studying water-related issues experienced by Indigenous peoples in Canada under the supervision of Dr. Castelden and Dr. Masuda. Rob completed his undergraduate degree in Environment and Culture, and Criminology at the University of Western Ontario. He was introduced to water issues during this time, and completed an undergraduate thesis titled Disparity in access to safe drinking water for Indigenous Canadians under the supervision of Dr. Chantelle Richmond. Rob also spent a semester in Sweden at Stockholm University where he studied the unique environmental policies that have been implemented by the Scandinavian nations. Since 2011, Rob has spent summers applying his education to his position at the Holmedale Water Treatment Plant in Brantford, Ontario. He enjoys a wide range of sports, but never misses an opportunity to get on the ice and play hockey.

Research Interests
Rob’s research interests include water resource protection, water treatment and distribution, environment and natural resource policy, and human and health geography. His research to date has predominantly focused on the disparity that exists within Canada that concerns access to safe drinking water and appropriate sanitation.

Contact: 9rds3(at)