Randi Wang

BA. Health Studies

randi-wangI am a third-year Health Studies student at Queen’s University, and I have been given the exciting opportunity to complete a research-based internship under the supervision of Dr. Jeff Masuda this academic year. I have had the opportunity to work on the RentSafe initiative in collaboration with other researchers at the Centre for Environmental Health Equity.

As someone who has always been passionate about improving community health, I have years of experience volunteering for Canadian Blood Services and Pathways to Education. My specific interests in social research and working with marginalized populations eventually led me CEHE. I aspire to create healthier communities in my future career, whether as a physician, epidemiologist, or public health specialist.

When I’m not busy studying for tests or organizing blood drives, you can find me reading novels, listening to my Beatles records, watching the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, or checking out vegan restaurants.

Contact: randi.wang(at)queensu.ca