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screen-shot-2021-02-03-at-10.05.55-am-1Erica Phipps, Tanya Butt, Nadine Desjardins, Misty Schonauer, Renee Schlonies, Jeffrey R. Masuda. (2020). Lessons from a rural housing crisis: grounded insights for intersectoral action on health inequities.

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Recent Student Theses

Phipps, E. (2020). Building a Foundation for Equity-focused Intersectoral Practice (EquIP): An Exploratory intervention in intersectoral action on housing inadequacy in Owen Sound, Ontario. Retrieved from Queen’s Graduate Theses and Dissertations,

Kruger, A. (2019). Remaining in Death: A Critical Ethnography of Death, Remains, and Community in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Retrieved from Queen’s Graduate Theses and Dissertations,

Dery, F. A. (2019). Understanding Links Between Access to Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH), and Gender Empowerment: Evidence from Ghana. Retrieved from Queen’s Graduate Theses and Dissertations,

Nowell, M. (2018). Exploring Politics, Practices, and Discourses of Harm Reduction in the Overdose Crisis: The Case of the Tenant Overdose Response Organizers and the “Therapeutic Riskscape.” Retrieved from Queen’s Graduate Theses and Dissertations,

Sanchez-Pimienta, C. E. (2018). Promoting Healthy Urban Environments for Young Indigenous Peoples: The Case of M’Wikwedong Native Cultural Resource Centre. Retrieved from Queen’s Graduate Theses and Dissertations,

Hainstock, M. (2017). “We have a roof over our head, but we have to eat too”: Tracing the Impact of Shifting Foodscapes on Health and Wellbeing from Homelessness to Supportive Housing. Retrieved from Queen’s Graduate Theses and Dissertations,

In the area of environmental health equity and urban health:

Trevor James Wideman & Jeffrey R. Masuda (2017): Assembling “Japantown”? A critical toponymy of urban dispossession in Vancouver, Canada, Urban Geography, DOI: 10.1080/02723638.2017.1360038

Masuda, J.R., and Skinner, E. (2016). Counter-mapping inner city “deprivation” in Winnipeg, Canada. In Giesbrecht, M., and Crooks, V. (eds). Place, Health, and Diversity. Ashgate.

Teelucksingh, C., & Masuda, J.R. (2013). Urban environmental justice through the camera: understanding the politics of space and the right to the city. Local Environment, (ahead-of-print), 1-18.

Masuda, J.R., Teelucksingh, C., Haber, R., Skinner, E., Zupancic, T., Crabtree, A., Poland, B., Frankish, J., & Fridell, M. (2012). Out of our inner city backyards: Re-scaling urban health inequity assessment. Social Science and Medicine, 75, 7, 1244-1253.

Masuda, J. R., Zupancic, T., Poland, B., & Cole, D. C. (2008). Environmental health and vulnerable populations in Canada: mapping an integrated equity‐focused research agenda. The Canadian Geographer/Le Géographe canadien, 52,4, 427-450.

Masuda, J.R., & Garvin, T.D. (2006). Place, culture, and the social amplification of risk. Risk Analysis, 26(2), 437-454.

In the area of knowledge translation:

Masuda, J. R., Zupancic, T., Crighton, E., Muhajarine, N., & Phipps, E. (2014). Equity-focused knowledge translation: a framework for “reasonable action” on health inequities. International journal of public health, 59, 3, 1-8.

Masuda, J.R., Robinson, K., Elliott, S.J., & Eyles, J. (2012). Health promotion and the politics of scale: Lessons from Canadian health reform. Social Work in Public Health, 27, 7, 639-657.

In the area of Indigenous knowledge and health:

Alaazi, D.A., Masuda, J.R., Evans, J., and Distasio, J. (2015). Therapeutic landscapes of home: exploring Indigenous peoples’ experiences of a Housing First intervention in Winnipeg. Social Science & Medicine, 147, 30-37.

Skinner, E.A., & Masuda, J.R. (2013). Right to a healthy city? Examining the relationship between urban space and health inequality by Aboriginal youth artist-activists in Winnipeg. Social Science and Medicine, 91, 210-218.

In the area of community-based participatory research and health promotion pedagogy:

Skinner, E.A., & Masuda, J.R. (2014). Mapping the geography of health inequity through participatory hip hop. In, Andrews, G., Kearns, R., and Forrester, N. (eds). Medicinal Melodies: Places of Health and Wellbeing in Popular Music. Ashgate.

Masuda, J.R., Creighton, G., Nixon, S., & Frankish, C.J. (2011). Building capacity for community-based, participatory research for health disparities in Canada. Health Promotion Practice, 12, 280-292.

In the area of children’s health promotion:

Phipps, E., Masuda, J.R. (2018). Towards equity-focused intersectoral practice (EquIP) in children’s environmental health and housing: the transformational story of RentSafe. Can J Public Health 109, 379–385 (2018).

Masuda, J.R., Abernathi, P., David, L., and Lewis, D. (2017). Mobilities of wellbeing in children’s health promotion: Confronting urban settings in geographically informed theory and practice. In Ergler, C.R., and Kearns, R. (Eds), Children’s Health and Wellbeing in Urban Environments. Ashgate.

Castleden, H., Watson, R., Tui’kn Partnership, Bennett, E., Masuda, J.R., King, M., and Stewart, M. (2016). Asthma Prevention and Management for Aboriginal People: Lessons from Mi’kmaq Communities, Unama’ki, Canada. Preventing Chronic Disease, 13(E06).

Masuda, J.R., Anderson, S. Letourneau, N., Sloan Morgan, V., & Stewart, M. (2012). Reconciling preferences and constraints in online peer support for youth with Asthma and Allergies. Health Promotion Practice, Online First.

Stewart, M., Masuda, J.R., Letourneau, N., Anderson, S., Cicutto, L., McGhan, S.L., & Watt, S. (2011). Online support intervention for adolescents with Asthma and Allergies: Ingredients and insights. Journal of Asthma and Allergy Educators, 2(6), 306-317. DOI 10.1177/2150129711402686

Laferriere, K., Crighton, E., Baxter, J., and Masuda, J.R. (2016). Examining inequities in children’s environmental health: Results of a survey on the risk perceptions and protective actions of new mothers. Journal of Risk Research, 19(3), 271-287.

Stewart, M.J., Masuda, J.R., Evans, J., Letourneau, N., and Edey, J. (2016) . Respiratory health inequities experienced by low-income children.  Journal of Poverty 20(3), 278-295.