Megan Fleming

MSc Health Promotion Studies, School of Kinesiology and Health Studies, Queen’s University

I’m an incoming Master of Science student under the supervision of Dr. Elijah Bisung. I also completed my undergraduate degree at Queen’s in Psychology with a minor in French Studies.

My fourth year Psychology thesis inspired me to continue pursuing studies related to natural disasters and risk perception. For my undergraduate thesis, I worked under the supervision of Dr. David Hauser, a social psychologist whose main area of research is metaphors, judgement and decision making. We looked at metaphor use during imminent hurricane events, and how metaphoric framing in the media can affect one’s perception of fear, one’s perception of severity of the storm, one’s attribution of blame and one’s expectations of civil unrest.

In the CEHE lab, I hope to continue in the same vein with Dr. Bisung, delving into research on climate change and forest fires in BC. This will entail developing an understanding of how one’s risk perception prior to upcoming forest fires — as related to language used in the media and available resources — relates to one’s psychosocial well-being and resilience after a disaster event. In my spare time, I love spending time with family and friends, camping, volunteering and focusing on living an intentional, sustainable lifestyle!