Madison Hainstock

MSs. (candidate), Queens University

Madison Hainstock

My interest lies in food insecurity and inequity. This passion has been like a garlic clove sown in late fall, left in the ground through winter to be harvested during the summer season. It was not until a 3rd year politics of food class at the University of Ottawa, where I graduated with a BScS. Honours Specialization in Political Science with a Minor in Global Studies, that I became aware of the social, economic and political discrepancies within the global food system. Following graduation, I chose to pursue a Food Security Certificate at Ryerson University to better understand environmental determinates of health and municipal policies that generate systemic food inequity. Since, I have had an opportunity to intern at Grassroots Organics, a multi-generational, sustainable, non-certified organic farming enterprise located just outside my hometown of Woodville, Ontario. Working on the farm was a reintroduction to the basics of agricultural production, the history and community of farmers in the City of Kawartha Lakes municipality, the productive capacity of local foodsheds and some of the barriers Ontario farmers face when supplying food regionally.

Working with The Centre for Environmental Health Equity is the perfect extension of my passion of enhancing dignified and equitable access to affordable, nutritious, and sustainable food in Canada. Under the supervision of Dr. Jeff Masuda, I have been discovering what happens in and along a person’s day-to-day food journey, and how this impacts their health and wellbeing during the transition from homelessness into permanent housing under the Housing First program. This exploratory study aims to provide empirical insight into an overlooked area of the lived experiences surrounding one of Canada’s most pre-eminent housing policies of recent years.

Contact: madison.hainstock(at)

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