Environmental Health Risks to Infants: Perspectives of New Mothers

Information from the media, government and other sources about environmental health hazards is often aimed at pregnant women and new mothers. While some information may be helpful for supporting safe or healthy environmental choices not all hazards are easily avoided depending on where we live, the jobs we work at or the resources that are available to us.

The main goals of the EHRI research Project are are to: 1.Develop a better understanding of what environment and health information new mothers have received and the types of concerns they have for their young children; 2.Explore how these concerns may vary across different environmental, social and economic contexts; and, 3.Examine the types of barriers that may exist to taking action to avoid reported hazards.  Results will be used to develop environment and health related educational materials and public health programs that are appropriate for different social, economic and environmental contexts.

Project website: http://ehri.uottawa.ca
For more information contact: Eric Crighton, eric.crighton(at)uottawa.ca