Daniel Herpai

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADepartment of Geography, University of Manitoba
I am from Hungary and moved to Winnipeg a year ago. I was born and raised in the second biggest city of Hungary (Miskolc) and because of the demographic changes throughout the years I also studied in the second biggest city of the country (Debrecen). I finished my Masters in Geography speciaSGeolizing in Urban and Rural Development. I wrote my final thesis on renewable energy sources and their social and economic effects.

After finishing University, I worked in the field of regional development and then in the NGO environmental sphere. Before I moved to Winnipeg I spent two years in England doing various jobs, developing my English language skills and gaining some life experience. The work and life experiences I had after my studies taught me a lot, broadened my way of thinking and shaped my ethos.

Since last September I have worked at University of Manitoba as a sessional instructor in the Geography Department. Although for a long time I didn’t feel that teaching was my calling, in the past few years I have come to realize that besides research, teaching is the other area within which I would like to work. Following this vision, I would like to start my PhD studies in the next few years.

Within Geography I am interested in the topics of renewable energies, demographics and urban geography. I am fascinated with investigating these topics from different perspectives within various cultural contexts. Last year I took part in a Truth and Reconciliation research project on the use of attachment theory for reconciliation purposes which opened my interest in First Nation culture and history. Additionally, to the above mentioned I am generally concerned with the possibilities of sustainable development and how to use the power and benefits of community life.

Contact: herpaid(at)cc.umanitoba.ca