Anna Anbalagan

4th Year Student, BA Honours in Environmental Studies and Gender Studies

I joined CEHE over the summer to help support the Right to Remain project based in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES). I analyzed archival documents in order to understand how policy decisions, activist-collaborative processes, and inhabited experiences over the last century informed and continue to inform tenant mobilization against unjust conditions. Through this work, I played a small role in knowledge mobilization activities that are utilizing these curated stories to help support community partners’ and DTES residents’ advocacy efforts.

In my 4th year, I will be working with the A SHARED Future Gender Co-Champion Team on a project based in Owen Sound in partnership with M’Wikwedong Indigenous Friendship Centre. The project sits at the nexus of climate action, health, and reconciliation, and aims to promote urban Indigenous communities’ leadership in energy transition efforts through self-determined housing initiatives. My participation in this project will contribute to my undergraduate thesis in sustainability.

My involvement with CEHE has helped cement my interest in participatory action research that centres intersectionality within and across justice movements, particularly examining relationality in society-environment interactions and the ways in which environmental issues exacerbate social issues and vice versa.

My current research interests navigate towards: political ecology and environmental governance, Earth jurisprudence, social ecology and ecofeminism, food sovereignty and security, planning approaches

When I am not hard at work being a student, I spend my time playing volleyball, listening to podcasts, and improv-ing in table-top games.