Abby Wilson

MSc Health Promotion, School of Kinesiology and Health Studies, Queen’s University

I am from Fergus Ontario. I came to Queen’s in 2015 to do my undergraduate degree in Health studies. I am now in my first year of my Master’s of Health Promotion under the supervision of Jeff Masuda.

For my research, I am interested in understanding the barriers that rural youth face when it comes to their mental health. My passion for this area came from my work with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Centre Wellington. In the fall of 2017 Centre Wellington lost 6 males to suicide, and this prompted community leaders like Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Centre Wellington to ask what more we could be doing as a community. This summer I had the wonderful opportunity to work with them as their youth engagement intern by empowering the youth voice to determine programming for their upcoming service hub for mental health. In doing my research, I am looking forward to working again with my community.