Persistant Organic Pollutants (POPs) and Type 2 Diabetes – the burden of Arctic communities

by Tara Zupancic

Phillipe Grandjean’s research in the Faroe Islands explores how a diet of POP-laden marine mammal meat may be linked to an increased risk of Type 2 Diabetes in Arctic populations.  Some are quick to charge that avoiding T2 diabetes is simply a matter of  ‘better” food choices.  If only it were so simple.  This story demands deeper contemplation of how public health research and policy can better explore and respond to the dynamic between environmental exposures and socio-economic structures that (re) produce inequities and constrain, limit or change a community’s diet, lifestyle and traditions (read story …)

To read Dr. Grandjean’s study “Marine Food Pollutants as a Risk Factor for Hypoinsulinemia and Type 2 Diabetes” published in Epidemiology click here.

To learn more about growing evidence on the link between pollutants and diabetes, listen to the following MP3  Diabetes and Obesity: Evaluating the Science on Chemical Contributors” via  the Collaborative on Health and Environment.