Cities and Neighbourhoods

Healthy urban environments typically include positive outdoor social spaces, clean air, effective sanitation services, accessible and healthy food, quality housing, health care services, social supports, and openness to cultural diversity.

Children grow

Children and Youth

 A systematic review to examine the ‘state’ of children’s environmental health research in Canada to inform future research strategies to address broader socio-economic contexts that  perpetuate inequitable environmental health for vulnerable children.


Indigenous Perspectives

 Although respiratory disease rates are climbing throughout society, First Nations youth are currently beset with a higher likelihood of living with asthma and allergies than other youth and adult populations in Canada.

Featured Articles


Remarks given by Jeff Masuda at the 6th Global Forum on Health Promotion on the role of health promotion in climate change and global governance

Global Forum on Health Promotion, Oct 16-18, 2016 Charlottetown, PEI. The purpose of this session as we understand it is to provoke critical and creative thinking about the interface between climate change, sustainability, and ecosystem integrity from a governance.


Vanier Scholar and CEHE PhD student Erica Phipps discusses her motivations in joining practice and scholarship to address housing inequities in Ontario

Presentation by Erica Phipps at the Graduate Student Research Showcase at Queen’s University, co-hosted by the School of Graduate Studies and Nobel Laureate, Dr. Arthur McDonald.
Kingston, October 15, 2016. The work I want to share with you starts with the living conditions of people in low-income rental housing in rural and urban communities across Ontario.


Making a place for equity-focused knowledge translation in health promotion

On Wednesday September 28, 2016, Jeff Masuda presented at the 2016 Health Promotion Research – An International Forum “Next Society” held in Trondheim Norway.



On October 28 & 29th, 2016, CEHE team members Allison Murray, Madison Hainstock, and Cárlos E. Sanchez-Pimienta will present at the Canadian Association of Geographers Ontario Division Annual Meeting in Waterloo, Ontario.

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